What is OCD?

Obsessive Comics Disorder (OCD for short) started off as a podcast in July 2010 by Chris Renshaw all about making comics and comic books easy for anyone to understand.  Now, it is a website and place where you can come to hear people talk about all the things that geeks like to obsess about!

Who is OCD?  Meet Chris "The Professor" Renshaw

I'm a dude who is constantly finding new ways to express my inner nerdiness.  From nerf gun fights in college to running around in his Batman costume (on days that aren't halloween), I have learned that the only way to live is by your own rules, not by what someone else deems "cool".  I also tend to talk--a lot, so it may not have been the best plan to stick a microphone in my face and give me an audience!

A couple of years ago, I stumbled in a book store a couple of years ago with my friends.  As I was passing by the graphic novels section, one of these friends picked up a book and gave it to me.  That book was Marvel Comics' "Civil War".  Immediately I was hooked and began visiting my local comic book shop to start growing my comics collection.  This eventually lead to a desire to create a podcast where I could talk about comic books, and thus OCD was born!

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Our Shows

On this website, you can find several shows in both audio (podcast) and video.  For our podcasts, you can subscribe to the OCD Super Feed to receive all them right to your music player....for FREE:

Obsessive Comics Disorder (formerly Relative Dimensions): "Making fun of the geeky things we obsess over" - Currently the primere show on this site, each week my friend Philip and myself goof off and joke about all the things we are geeking out about that week.  Also, we encourage listeners to contribute and share things they are currently into.  It is published each week both as an audio podcast (available on the OCD Super Feed or on its own RSS feed).  Or available as video on my YouTube channel.

Boards & Swords: "Exploring my experiences in tabletop gaming" - A podcast looking at all kinds of board games, card games, and roleplaying games; every other week I sit down to talk about what games I have been playing and anything interesting that has caught my eye.  As an avid Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons player, I also throw in stories often about how I have been doing in each of those games.  In addition, each episode I breakdown a game so you, the listener, can get an idea of how that game plays and what my opinion is of it.

The Adventures of Chloe: "Stories of a 8 Year Old Geek-in-training" - A podcast where you can hear life from the point of view of my 8 year old stepdaughter Chloe.  It started as "My Video Game Buddy", where we would talk about the video games that we like to play, but soon we realized that there was so much other stuff that we wanted to talk about.  Now, we get together and talk about things that she finds interesting.  In addition to being on the OCD Super Feed, it has its own separate RSS Feed as well.

Old\On Hiatus Shows

Relative Dimensions (Changed the name back to Obsessive Comics Disorder)

The Nerd is the Word

I'd Quote That

Where did the nickname "The Professor" come from?

Back when I was in college, I came home from exams very tired and worn out--and without many clean clothes to wear!  Therefore, I was very unshaven, hair grown out and dressed in a black turtleneck sweater.  One of the first things I did was to visit my grandfather, who pointed out that I looked like one of those very artsy type college professors.  Afterwards, the nickname "The Professor" just stuck, and every now and then when I would visit, he would sometimes call me by that name.

Fast forward a couple of years where a friend of mine wanted to start a podcast with me about quoting movies.  Both of us were a bit heistant to put our real names out there on the internet, so we decided to use nicknames.  My friend decided to go by "the Doc" because of a halloween costume where he had been a really convincing Doc Brown from Back to the Future, and I thus decided to go as "The Professor".

Not that long ago, around the same time that I started OCD, the same grandfather that gave me the nickname passed away.  It was at that time I decided to keep using the name as my way of remembering him.